18 Year Old Beat Off



Let’s fuck now. Yes, right here. Sex in public.
Me and my partner love picking up and fucking total strangers. This websites is the video blog documentation of our lives and our passion. We meet guys and we fuck the shit out of him before we ever know his name.

in this weeks out in public update were out chilling with my homie logan and man i havent seen this guy in some time but its always good to see him any who were out in the middle of nowhere and this guy just stood out coming out of this little store and my boy just got all hapy so he decides to go after him and this guy was all friendly but was a bit skeptical at first but like all of them money talks lol and he was down with what we were throing at him..you guys will love this update. Click here to watch this whole episode.

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2 thoughts on “18 Year Old Beat Off”

  1. I love this video a lot……
    will this hot boy fuck me too……….
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