Horny Czech Boy Gets Doubled

  We’re not sure if young Ray Mannix has ever traced his family ancestry and has discovered some Gallic blood, but what we do know is that he sure as fuck gets some French in him in this terrific poolside scene with Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley! In fact, you could say that the horny … Continue reading “Horny Czech Boy Gets Doubled”

Czech Hunter 173

  Waiting for a bus can be a pleasure. Yesterday I’ve been in a situation like that. First cutie said NO and left me there. But I never give up. On the other side I’ve spotted another possible target. Young, cute and waiting for his bus. I couldn’t resist and tried to talk to him. … Continue reading “Czech Hunter 173”

Czech Hunter 88 – Czech boys do it for cash

  I love to philosophize about my sexual preferences. Yes, I am into straight boys. And yes, I like blondes more. Maybe because I am blond myself. And unlike Jiri I am more into boys who have a job already rather than students.. The boy I met this day was blond and well – well, … Continue reading “Czech Hunter 88 – Czech boys do it for cash”

Czech Hunter – sex for money

  From all sports I know I like soccer most. It is one of the most straight sports. And when it comes to boys I like soccer player most. When I saw this boy in the morning I didn’t know that I again would have the honor to talk a soccer boy into my little … Continue reading “Czech Hunter – sex for money”

Czech guys do it for cash

  What a cute boy. Incredible. He remembered me someone from TV. But I still don’t know who? Anyway – it doesn’t matter. Normally I am not so much into guys with such very young looks. But when I saw him skiing I just decided to wait until he finishes. And then he came together … Continue reading “Czech guys do it for cash”

Czech Hunter – sex for money

  This winter seems to be endless here in Prague. I am looking forward to all the nice outdoor-fucks which will come in spring. But I told my friends that I still got a blow-job outside in the freezing cold last week. Without knowing anything about my secret hobby they doubted that anybody would even … Continue reading “Czech Hunter – sex for money”

Cream-Lovin’ Katz Gives His Mate A Hard Fuck

The beauty of the nature world in all its wintry glory is laid out before them like a rich blanket, but Alessandro Katz and Noah Matous have only got eyes for each other. Which is kind of understandable really given how fucking gorgeous they both are! Besides, whilst the sight of Czechia in all its … Continue reading “Cream-Lovin’ Katz Gives His Mate A Hard Fuck”

Angelic Lopez Devilishly Creams His Buddy’s Arse Mid-Fuck

To any outside observer it seems that young priests, Angel Lopez and Johnathan Strake, are as devout as it’s possible to be – reading scripture and praying on a daily basis. Take a closer look, however, and you realize that the temptations of the flesh are all too real for these horny fellows; as Lopez’s … Continue reading “Angelic Lopez Devilishly Creams His Buddy’s Arse Mid-Fuck”

Twink & His Three Gay Mates

The bees are buzzing, the butterflies are fluttering – and young Lucas Drake is out on a nature walk, enjoying the delights of the Czech countryside. Like most boys his age, however, it’s the joys that his ever-attentive cock gives him that concentrates his senses most keenly – as eagerly demonstrated when he sits back … Continue reading “Twink & His Three Gay Mates”

Monster Black Cock and White Twink

We all know Ray Mannix well enough by now to appreciate that if he’s presented with a monster black cock to play with then there’s only ever going to be one outcome. Whether new boy, Tony X, realizes this fact, however, is anyone’s guess.Tony’s come all the way to Prague from Manchester and seems keen … Continue reading “Monster Black Cock and White Twink”

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