Horny Slut Picks A Dick

Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (1)
The dating-show parody continues, with new contestant Milan Silver promptly introduced by the ever-charismatic Titus Snow for another round of hardcore dating. Not that there’s ever any hope of romance with this filthy-minded cattle-market; with Silver selecting his date (Mark Flynn) courtesy of a simple line-up of cocks. And with Snow promptly out of the picture, the two newly introduced buddies head for another room to enjoy a little privacy – all nicely captured by an array of waiting cameras!
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (2)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (3)
It’s all heady craziness, of course; but by the time these two beauties are feverishly snogging each other and pulling away each other’s clothes, all hint of silliness has been promptly dispelled. Indeed, there’s no denying the fact that the lads are clearly very much into each other; with young Flynn even taking the time to express a little armpit worship on Silver’s hairless pits. Such blinding adoration only continues when the two lads finally get their cocks out, with each fellow lustfully munching on each other’s delicious shafts; before Silver finally gets the chance to turn his attention to Flynn’s pert little ass, which he eagerly rims, before burying himself balls-deep into that hairless wonder.
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (4)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (5)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (6)
It’s a move that young Flynn clearly approves of, given the delight that he proceeds to display whilst being buggered in a whole series of positions – culminating in him riding Silver reverse-cowboy style like a common whore. Not surprisingly, the whole display is soon way too much for either of the boys, both of whom proceed to sign off with violent displays of pent-up jizz!
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (7)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (8)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (9)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (10)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (11)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (12)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (13)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (14)
Horny-Slut-Picks-A-Dick (15)

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Taylor Gets A Load Fucked Into Him

gay-teens-boys-18 (1)
Bryce arrives in the bedroom and wastes no time. Waking handsome blond gay boy Taylor from his sleep his big meaty cock slips between the boy’s hungry lips. Sucked, and with Taylor’s thick meat to feast on, the gay teens boys switch things up a gear as Taylor bends over to take his twink friend’s long and throbbing shaft in his hole. He struggles, but as his ass stretches around it, he gets into the swing of things. Riding his lover he spews the contents of his balls in a messy climax, with Bryce soon pulling his own long shaft out and spunking his cream, before Taylor slides that wet cock right back into his ass. more…
gay-teens-boys-18 (2)
gay-teens-boys-18 (3)
gay-teens-boys-18 (4)
gay-teens-boys-18 (5)
gay-teens-boys-18 (6)
gay-teens-boys-18 (7)
gay-teens-boys-18 (8)
gay-teens-boys-18 (9)
gay-teens-boys-18 (10)
gay-teens-boys-18 (11)
gay-teens-boys-18 (12)
gay-teens-boys-18 (13)
gay-teens-boys-18 (14)


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Introducing gay twink Kevin Daley

New comer Kevin Daley is one lucky boy! We’ve paired him up with uber hottie Tyler Hill who probes the newbie DEEPLY.  The tremendously hot twink twosome chat beachside about coming out, favorite positions & much more before the sexual tension brings them to the brink AND… to the bedroom! Daley’s dong is dangerously long & Hill handles it happily before diving face first into a super suck-tastic schlong slurp fest. The new boy is absolutely peaches and cream perfect. The perfectly pieced Portland prodigy plants his pouty lips on every inch of living Ken doll Tyler; tongue fucking his hole down deep heavily hitting his sweet spot.
That’s all the teasing Tyler can take, and begs the hottie to fill his hole. Daley definitely delivers and then some! They obviously grow ’em big in Portland! Our new meat has so much to offer it takes our varsity porn superstar a minute to get every inch in; but always the team player, Tyler takes the time to open and accommodate every millimeter.  He holds his legs higher as Kevin crashes cock in at full force!
Then the bootylicious bottom climbs on top and gets the ride of his life! A perfect cock masterfully working Hill’s perfectly round hills is a guaranteed dick drooler. The climax when Daley drowns Tyler’s tush with his new kid cream is dreamy. It shines and covers our beauty’s bronze booty. In turn, Mr. Hill christens the new cummer with a bountiful baptism all over his tight toned torso. THIS is how you roll out the welcome wagon!

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Tackle the Twink

Proving that boys will be boys, twinktastic Noah White and Evan Parker are horsing around on the playground. They reminisce about their first scene together; then, out of the blue Noah tackles Parker to the ground and a sexy wrestling match ensues. Knowing things are heating up, the pair move somewhere more private before being arrested for public indecency. Inside the teen boy’s bedroom amongst skateboards and posters, the tasty twinksome tear each others clothes off.
Wonder boy White works his magic on Evan’s massive member, mouthing the balls and milking the shaft. Evan whips Noah around like the little plaything he is, gobbling his tasty twinkie every step of the way. Parker lubes up his pole and Noah knows its go time! He rides the stallion like a rodeo champ, dick facing a hard north the entire time. His boy boner bounces with each hard thrust of Evan’s hips.
Without unplugging, Parker stands up, holds the twink in the air, puts him back down, then just fucks the shit out of the boy! Holding White’s legs wide open in the air, Parker pile drives dick long and hard. He gets the tea cup pub in every position to make sure he hits the kid’s sweet spot.
By the look on Noah’s face, he’s doing that and then some! Noah starts sweating and working his cock at a fever pitch; just then his dick blows a giant load of boy butter all over the bed. With every blast his hole clenches down around Parker’s perfect piece, bringing Evan to the nut busting brink! He blasts the boy’s butt, then paints his perfect cheeks with gooey glistening goodness.


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Home made boys: Adrian & Julian

We hardly feel the need to write this introduction to Adrian’s and Julian’s pictures. After all, don’t their faces – not to mention all their other bodily parts – communicate just about everything we need to know? Maybe you recall the first time you fell in love?  If you do, you’ll certainly recognize these two hot boys’ facial expressions.

Now, maybe the more cynical among you are saying at this point: “OK, I hear what you say, but I can darn well tell you that when I first fell in love, the last thing I would have wanted to do was to share my boyfriend’s pictures with thousands of other guys!”
Well, we respond, that may be true, but you’ve got to remember that things are very different these days. School costs more, jobs are harder to get, it’s more difficult to find – and afford – a place to live and even putting food on the table can be tough.  So we say hats off to Adrian and Julian for thinking out of the box when it comes to raising the money they need to live.
In any case, times have also changed in lots of ways for the better too, and these days boys just aren’t as embarrassed about showing themselves off naked as they might have been a generation or two ago. For which we say, on both our behalf and yours: ain’t progress a wonderful thing!


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Dirty Boy Gets Fucked & Fisted

Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (1)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (2)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (3)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (4)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (5)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (6)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (7)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (8)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (9)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (10)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (11)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (12)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (13)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (14)
Dirty-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Fisted (15)

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Free live gay boy cams


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Evan & Tyler: Undressed

Transport yourself inside Helix superstar Sean Ford’s super sensual sexual fantasies. Our boy is doing some holiday shopping when uber cutie Kyle Ross catches his eye. In a porn-tastic magical moment, Sean shakes a snow globe and we’re all whisked away into a beautiful bright white winter wonderland. There, his dream twink is waiting with a wet mouth. Ross rolls his tongue ’round our boys bone, gagging as Ford forces his phallus further and further. Sean can’t keep his hands off the blonde beauty’s booty and ample appendage. In a severely sexy 69, Sean lifts Kyle’s legs and spreads his caboose clean open for the camera’s winking lens.
Getting comfortable, Sean takes a seat right on the dream twink’s face and orders him to get in deeper. He does, hitting heavenly heights inside the hottie’s heiny. Nice and wet, Ford eases his ass onto Kyle’s cock. Ross reaches around and gives Sean’s sausage a happy hand party which gets him panting like a dirty dog in heat. The beautiful bottom closes his eyes and enjoys the fucking for a bit, letting his boner bounce before turning around and giving it right back to his fantasy fucker.
Sean’s just as good of a top as he is a bottom and bangs Ross’s rump like a rock star. The kid’s ass is so good, Sean sticks his tongue back inside, tasting his own cock in the process. Keeping in theme, Sean blasts the boys face with a white blizzard so plentiful; Kyle cant keep it all down, but he sure does give it a try! Ross looks so amazing covered in white that Sean goes in for one more kiss, spreading his own face cream around with his darting tongue. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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Kinky Bottom Gets Owned

Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (1)
 Casey really enjoys getting a little kinky with his bareback boyfriends, he has the perfect fuck buddy in cute young Michael! The handsome young man gets his ass spanked with a paddle by Casey, then it’s time for hard young cocks to be sucked. With Michael’s ass red and ready he’s strapped down and secured to the bed for Casey so slide his naked cock into! All this bondage and spanking really does it for the boys, the cum shots they spew are messy! BareTwinks
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (2)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (3)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (4)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (5)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (6)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (7)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (8)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (9)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (10)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (11)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (12)
Kinky-Bottom-Gets-Owned (13)

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Angelic Lopez Devilishly Creams His Buddy’s Arse Mid-Fuck

gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (1)
To any outside observer it seems that young priests, Angel Lopez and Johnathan Strake, are as devout as it’s possible to be – reading scripture and praying on a daily basis. Take a closer look, however, and you realize that the temptations of the flesh are all too real for these horny fellows; as Lopez’s hand wanders onto his buddy’s thigh, and the two beauties slowly abandon their worship of the divine in favor of more carnal adoration.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (2)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (3)
To some, of course, this constitutes a sacrilege of a holy estate. For the rest of us, however, there’s no denying that the sight of two cock-hungry twinks lusting after each other almost has a touch of the divine about it; not least of all when Lopez finally strips away his pants so that Strake can gobble away on the thick, meaty flesh that nestles inside.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (4)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (5)
An act that Lopez himself is only too willing and eager to replicate; before turning his eye to his buddy’s arse-hole, which he promptly rims into submission. By the time that the Spaniard is finally buried balls-deep in his Czech mate’s pucker, there’s every possibility that you’ll have completely forgotten the theological overtones of the scene. All the same, you’ll be in complete rapture at the sight of Lopez creaming Strake’s hole (somewhat prematurely!); before stiffening up again almost immediately so that Strake can ride the said pole like a whore.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (6)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (7)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (8)
And with another round of Bible-bashing just minutes away, Lopez draws the action to a stirring close by yanking out a second (albeit smaller) load; before a final gooey smooch marks the conclusion of a truly unforgettable act of worship!
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (9)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (10)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (11)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (12)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (13)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (14)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (15)

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