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By , March 20, 2014 8:54 pm

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Boys play with fire

By , February 12, 2014 10:06 pm

boys-play-with-fire (1) 

Best friends and gay teen boys Mitch Hudson and Andy Taylor have grown up doing everything together: they laugh, they play, they joke around and of course they share their closest guarded secrets. But when Mitch starts developing feelings for Andy the line between friend and lover begins to blur. Mitch is worried he might ruin the relationship but bravely decides to force himself to open up to Andy. Is falling in love with your best friend "Playing with Fire" and waiting to get burned or have the boys finally realized they’re meant to be together? Starring: Andy Taylor, Mitch Hudson more…
boys-play-with-fire (2) 
boys-play-with-fire (3) 
boys-play-with-fire (4) 
boys-play-with-fire (5) 
boys-play-with-fire (6) 
boys-play-with-fire (7) 
boys-play-with-fire (8) 
boys-play-with-fire (9) 
boys-play-with-fire (10) 
boys-play-with-fire (11) 
boys-play-with-fire (12) 
boys-play-with-fire (14) 
boys-play-with-fire (15) 

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Hot flip-flop fuck in the open

By , October 20, 2013 11:12 pm

Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (1) 

As pretty much everyone knows, regular exercise can help reduce stress and increase life-expectancy, so it’s arguably in their own self-interest that Blake Hanson and Lewis Taylor take the time to enjoy a run together in the local woods. Of course, even the briefest of glances at this pair of handsome dudes should be enough to suggest that they probably get more than enough aerobic activity when they’re alone together in the bedroom, but when you’re this young and this horny the urge for sex can take you whenever and wherever and you simply have to go with the flow.
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (2) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (3) 

That’s certainly the attitude that these two beauties adopt as they quickly disembark from their clothes in broad daylight and begin to feast on each other’s dicks. It’s almost as if they don’t care who might stumble upon them so long as they get their share of raw sex; and before you know it Taylor is being taken from behind courtesy of Blake’s meaty, uncut love-rod. Unwilling to miss out, Blake is soon on the receiving end of an equally demonstrative fucking, riding his mate’s knob with unquestionable gusto and totally without shame.
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (4) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (5) 

No doubt about it, these are two of the most brazen cock-fiends you’re ever likely to see; and by the time they’re both taking turns to unload generous wads of jizz over each other there’s every good chance that you’ll have ruptured an equally fine squirt of ball-batter in appreciation. Sex in the open has rarely looked so totally uninhibited as between these raw fuckers!
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (6) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (7) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (8) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (9) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (10) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (11) 
Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (12) 

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Coming Home from HelixStudios

By , October 15, 2013 10:29 pm

Coming Home from HelixStudios 

Jessie Montgomery is homeward bound after being kicked out of his Aunt’s house. Childhood friend Jacob Dixon meets his blond buddy at the train station for an emotional reunion but when Jessie starts brooding at dinner Jacob tries to find out what’s wrong. Jessie is harboring a secret that he fears will make his best friend reject him but little does he know, Jacob has a few secrets of his own…
Coming Home from HelixStudios 009 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 010 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 012 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 014 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 015 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 017 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 019 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 020 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 021 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 023 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 025 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 026 

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Taking a Gay Teen Boy Break

By , September 4, 2013 9:04 pm

Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (1) 
Tan twink Roman Daniels is home surfing the Internet when blond hottie Scotty Clarke gets lonely and wanders into Roman’s room. One thing leads to another and the two gay teen boys quickly begin making out. Soon Scotty is taking off Roman’s pants and wrapping his tender lips around his giant cock. After getting Roman nice and hard Scotty is all too eager to sit on top of his big dick and let it split his tight little hole wide open. As Roman repeatedly drives his cock into Scotty, all he can do is cry out with joy. Starring: Roman Daniels, Scotty Clarke More…
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (2) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (3) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (4) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (5) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (6) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (7) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (8) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (9) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (10) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (11) 
Taking-a-Gay-Teen-Boy-Break (12) 
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Two blond teen gay angels

By , August 30, 2013 7:41 pm

Given the fact that Jaxon Radoc and Milan Sharp are pretty much the hottest gay teen boys (18+) on the circuit right now it’s probably not surprising that this is the kind of scene that promises to deliver big time. What’s more, we’re very pleased to report, it doesn’t disappoint – and this despite the fact that the performance is actually pre-empted by a short interview of Radoc, who comes across as the extremely amiable and articulate fellow that everyone at STAXUS knows him to be.
As it happens, the footage of the young Aussie trainee-lawyer talking to the camera only serves to add to the pleasure of what follows, as he and Sharp first take stock in the shower together, before they head for the bedroom to get to know each other even more intimately. Indeed, we reckon by the time these lads are mutually pleasuring their swollen cocks there’s every good chance that you’ll be head-over-heels in lust with both these blond beauties.
What’s more, the sight of Radoc working Sharp’s ass-hole with a sex-toy is likely only to add to such burgeoning endearment! But believe us, it’s watching these teen gays take turns at fucking each other that will gain your ultimate affection – first, Sharp riding Radoc’s rod from on top, then Radoc taking every inch of dick from behind. All exquisitely recorded with John Smith’s ever-keen eye, and topped off by two of the stickiest, gooiest, over-the-top cum-shots that you’re likely to see! more…
Staxus – Monster Cocks: Two blond angels have one devil of a time in a spunk-soaked flip-flop fuckathon! Video:

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Outdoor Anal Play For Twink Lovers

By , July 4, 2013 9:14 pm

Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (1) 
With the beauty of a sunset bathing them in a warm glow, lovers Jason and Jasper head outdoors for a kinky session of anal play and cock sucking. The gay teen boys are hungry for some dick, sucking each other in a passionate and sensual session. Jasper needs some special attention on his ass though, and Jason has the tools for the job!
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (2) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (3) 
Sexy and sporty versatile teen gay Jasper Robinson loves to fuck bareback and take some cock too!
If you love sweet and sexy versatile bottom boys, then you will definitely enjoy watching Jasper Robinson on video with the other raw-dicked lads! This gay teen is a sporty twink with a rock solid shaft and an eager hole too, versatile and hungry for action, he knows how to give and take it like a real pro!
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (4) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (5) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (6) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (7) 
Sexy gay teen boy (18+) Jason calls himself Omni sexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He’s a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (8) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (9) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (10) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (11) 
Outdoor-Anal-Play-For-Twink-Lovers (12) 
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Czech Hunter 88 – Czech boys do it for cash

By , June 22, 2013 10:14 pm

Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-2 
I love to philosophize about my sexual preferences. Yes, I am into straight boys. And yes, I like blondes more. Maybe because I am blond myself. And unlike Jiri I am more into boys who have a job already rather than students.. The boy I met this day was blond and well – well, he didn’t have a job yet – but he wants to become a plumber. So far so good. I am still not sure if he was open minded or just stupid… it was really easy to make him show off, jerk and suck me. And not even expensive :-) Maybe he was even bi-curious but he insisted that he was straight. Anyway – he was a great catch. I will never forget how he was moaning and screaming when I fucked his little virgin-hole. Deal is deal. CzechHunter
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-4 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-5 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-6 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-7 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-8 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-9 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-10 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-11 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-12 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-13 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-14 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-15 
Czech Hunter 88 - Czech boys do it for cash-16 

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These boys would rather have a raw fuck

By , April 30, 2013 8:28 pm

We’re not exactly sure how many concert pianists practice their art whilst wearing a rather revealing jockstrap, but clearly for dark-haired beauty, Xander Hollis, it’s something of a must. Perhaps the feel around his ass and cock help improve his playing, who knows?
What we can say with some level of certainty, however, is that his kinky fetish soon attracts the attention of Felix Webster, who wanders into the room with the clear intention of stopping the fellow from working the ivories so that he can work on his dick instead. An ambition that’s achieved with arguably unremarkable ease. Before you know it, Hollis is down on his knees and sucking the life out of Webster’s cock – a compliment that the gay teen boy is only too happy to return a few minutes later.
What’s blatantly obvious through all this wanton fellatio, ball-sucking and ass-rimming is that it’s only a matter of time before Webster’s ultimate ambition – of getting his fuck-buddy’s raw shaft up his ass – is achieved; so it comes as no surprise when the moment finally arrives for Hollis to start banging away at the blond lad’s ass-hole with characteristic gusto. A hot sweaty, on-the-floor fuck that culminates in both twinks enjoying the kind of sticky, no-holds-barred facials you folks adore!
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Flip-flop school-time playmates get all fucked

By , March 27, 2013 12:25 am

Perhaps it’s because he’s such a horny little fucker, but cute teen gay Brad Fitt never seems to run short of attraction from other pert beauties – be he in school uniform or out! On this particular occasion, however, he’s supporting a distinctly teenage look, as he teams up with fellow blond beauty, Kamyk Walker, for the kind of anatomy lesson that ought to be made compulsory for everyone in education. more…

Not that either of these twinks appear to be in need of any tuition when it comes to handling dick, as the pair each display a level of keen proficiency from the very start; but practice, as they say, makes perfect, and Walker in particular can’t wait to display his oral skills on Fitt’s hairless cock and ass.
Needless to say it’s not long before Fitt is showing off his own abilities – an exercise ultimately cut short by Walker’s determination to bury his ramrod deep inside his pal’s already over-experienced pucker.
Cue a magnificent flip-flop fuck-fest that sees both hungry asses get stretched to the limit; before Walker blasts home over his own chest and Fitt spurts right over his mate’s belly to coat the lad’s face with copious amounts of pent-up, gooey nectar. Magnificent!

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