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Amateur latino boy

By , February 19, 2014 9:09 pm

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Coming Home from HelixStudios

By , October 15, 2013 10:29 pm

Coming Home from HelixStudios 

Jessie Montgomery is homeward bound after being kicked out of his Aunt’s house. Childhood friend Jacob Dixon meets his blond buddy at the train station for an emotional reunion but when Jessie starts brooding at dinner Jacob tries to find out what’s wrong. Jessie is harboring a secret that he fears will make his best friend reject him but little does he know, Jacob has a few secrets of his own…
Coming Home from HelixStudios 009 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 010 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 012 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 014 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 015 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 017 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 019 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 020 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 021 
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Coming Home from HelixStudios 025 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 026 

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Vik in the forest from GayTeenStudio

By , September 10, 2013 8:11 pm

Lovely teen gay (18+) Vik in the forest from GayteenStudio
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (2) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (3) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (4) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (5) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (6) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (7) 
Vik-in-the-forest-from-GayTeenStudio (8) 

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Two blond teen gay angels

By , August 30, 2013 7:41 pm

Given the fact that Jaxon Radoc and Milan Sharp are pretty much the hottest gay teen boys (18+) on the circuit right now it’s probably not surprising that this is the kind of scene that promises to deliver big time. What’s more, we’re very pleased to report, it doesn’t disappoint – and this despite the fact that the performance is actually pre-empted by a short interview of Radoc, who comes across as the extremely amiable and articulate fellow that everyone at STAXUS knows him to be.
As it happens, the footage of the young Aussie trainee-lawyer talking to the camera only serves to add to the pleasure of what follows, as he and Sharp first take stock in the shower together, before they head for the bedroom to get to know each other even more intimately. Indeed, we reckon by the time these lads are mutually pleasuring their swollen cocks there’s every good chance that you’ll be head-over-heels in lust with both these blond beauties.
What’s more, the sight of Radoc working Sharp’s ass-hole with a sex-toy is likely only to add to such burgeoning endearment! But believe us, it’s watching these teen gays take turns at fucking each other that will gain your ultimate affection – first, Sharp riding Radoc’s rod from on top, then Radoc taking every inch of dick from behind. All exquisitely recorded with John Smith’s ever-keen eye, and topped off by two of the stickiest, gooiest, over-the-top cum-shots that you’re likely to see! more…
Staxus – Monster Cocks: Two blond angels have one devil of a time in a spunk-soaked flip-flop fuckathon! Video:

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Broke Straight Boys – Max Flint and Sam

By , August 1, 2012 11:02 pm

Whenever BSB goes "unconventional," our viewers get an extra treat. Today we have cutie pie Max and donkey dick Sam on the couch. Both decided to show how nasty they can be when the camera is off. more…

Broke Straight Boys


Jimmy Bodine from Videoboys

By , June 30, 2011 8:08 pm

Jimmy Bodine from Videoboys 
There’s something we like about Jimmy Bodine but we can’t put our finger on it… because he’s straight and he won’t let us. But his face is just so adorable, his skin is so smooth you just want to lick it and his big curved dick gets hard instantly when he touches it. more…
sexy teen boy Jimmy Bodine from Videoboys 
Jimmy had gone three days without any sex (very unusual for him) when we introduced him to what would soon to be the new love of his life, a flesh-jack. He was so eager to get that little plastic hole lubed up he almost started without us. He fucked it from every conceivable angle and there can be no doubt that this little device delivered the pleasure Jimmy was looking for. We haven’t seen that much cum since the last threesome we recorded. more…
sexy Jimmy Bodine from Videoboys 1003 
Jimmy Bodine from Videoboys 

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