Jason Strips & Graham Brandy in no time

Watch the full update to see how much Jason can really get Graham more excited than he thought by another man. Will be be straight still or converted?

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Broke Straight Boys

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Broke Straight Boys – Denver Grand and Kodi

There are times when words, and introductions, aren’t required. What hasn’t been said about Denver and Kodi? They’ve done it all, and kept many in the BSB family happy and contented (grin).

Broke Straight Boys


Max Flint and Carter Blane – Broke Straight Boys

When this weekend’s vid starts, Carter Blane and Max Flint are stretched out on the bed. We get a peek of Max’s pale tummy, and BSB feet fans will love how he dangles those toes.

Broke Straight Boys


Kodi and Mitch – Bonus Boy Sites

Kodi and Mitch, two of the youngest models at Broke Straight Boys are going to be doing some fucking today. Mitch is a very lucky boy who will be getting fucked by the ever confidant Kodi.

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Broke Straight Boys – Max Flint and Sam

Whenever BSB goes "unconventional," our viewers get an extra treat. Today we have cutie pie Max and donkey dick Sam on the couch. Both decided to show how nasty they can be when the camera is off. more…

Broke Straight Boys


Broke Straight Boys – Max Flint

It’s easy to fall hard for this week’s straight boy. The moment the camera starts rolling Max Flint’s big smile fills the screen. click here



Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Liam Corolla

Look who is back? Fan heart throb Kodi and newbie sensation Liam. Lil Kodi has his trademark smirk when looks into the camera and says he’s in the mod for a revenge fuck.

Broke Straight Boys


Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Mitch

Today, Mitch and Kodi go at it. The teen boys trade oral skills before one of them gets fucked for the first time. Is Mitch or Kodi one of the most aggressive tops BSB has ever seen? Watch this extra hot update and find out for yourself!



Broke Straight Boys – Jack and Chad

Jack is the lucky young guy who gets to break in Chad’s luscious ass.

Watch as Chad shows Jack how much he enjoys a dick in his mouth and decide for yourself if Chad is going to be a convert to the cock!

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Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys – Ashton and Jase


Ashton is a total freak so he is the perfect yin to Jase’s straight surfer-boy yang. Ashton is one of those guys who is pretty open minded and up for just about anything. When he sits down next to Jase he announces that he is there to take a dick in his ass. When asked why he wants to do that he says, “Because if feels so fucking good!” As he continues talking, it becomes pretty damn clear that Ashton loves to have fun. He says that he wants to fuck a guy in the ass while a chick is fucking him in the ass with a strapon. Jase starts to laugh and says he is pretty Vanilla compared to Ashton.

Vanilla or not, Jase is hot and he needs some extra cash and the idea of fucking Ashton in the ass sounds like it would be a wild experience. The two guys get naked and Jase is a little nervous, but as Ashton leans over and sucks his cock any nerves he may have had are tossed out the window. He returns the favor, clamping his mouth around Ashton’s cock and sucking him with some skill. This is Jase’s first time sucking a dick, but he is doing a good job at it.


Jase gets so turned on by giving Ashton head that he has to thrust into him. He puts Ashton on his knees, pushes him against the back of couch and drives his dick into him from behind. He buries that bone into Ashton’s hot, tight ass. He fucks that ass hard, grabbing him by the shoulders and pounding him hard. Ashton arches his back, it feels so good with Jase deep inside him that his cock is throbbing and his entire body is shaking with pleasure.

Jase rolls Ashton over onto his back and buries his love missile into him. The two slam their bodies together, the fucking is getting aggressive and vanilla straight boy Jase is getting into having his first gay sex. He hammers away, working Ashton hard then with almost no warning he pulls out, strokes his cock a few times and drains his balls all over Ashton. Ashton is so turned on that the dam bursts. He strokes his own long tool a few times and adds his own sticky load to the mix that now coats his fit body. Jase went gay for pay and loved every second of it.

Download the full movie here @ Broke Straight Boys!