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Super sexy twink from Helix

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Hot gay teen boy (18+) Jessie Montgomery from HelixStudios
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A matter of size

By , February 3, 2016 10:58 pm

A matter of size 1 
Everytime a new boy gets to BelAmi and Jack Harrer hears that he may have a dick bigger than his, he is very quick to find and try it out if it is true or not. The scene was shot during one of our trips to South Africa,  Peter was relaxing on the beach and taking in some sun when Jack approached him and straight up asked ‘hey are you the new guy with the big dick? more…
A matter of size 2 
A matter of size 3 
A matter of size 4 
A matter of size 5 
A matter of size 6 
A matter of size 7 
A matter of size 8 
A matter of size 9 
A matter of size 10 

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Big Cocked Twink Gets Fucked

By , February 1, 2016 11:22 pm

Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (1) 

Anyone who didn’t know him better would honestly think that butter wouldn’t so much as melt in his mouth, but we’ve already seen enough of horny newcomer, Joshua Levy, to realise that he’s one hot gay teen boy (18+).
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (2) 

What’s more, give him a bottle of oil and he seems to get even more hyped up – as quickly becomes apparent here. Fact is he’s a lad who’s completely in tune with his body and the pleasure that it can give him; and the addition of a little bit of lubricant serves only to take his antics into the stratosphere.
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (3) 

Fuck man, he simply can’t leave that handsome ramrod of his alone; and it’s little wonder that he’s soon living out the fantasy of a romp on the sofa with horse-hung favourite, Milan Sharp.
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (4) 

That said, it’s clearly Levy’s knob that’s the focal-point in this encounter, with Sharp promptly kicking off by eagerly savouring every inch of hard flesh that the fellow can muster.
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (5) 

In fairness, Levy subsequently replicates the favour; but there’s simply no denying the fact that Sharp is hyped up to the max here and won’t be truly satisfied until he’s riding Levy’s schlong for all it’s worth.
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (6) 

Suffice it to say that the introduction of a little oil to Sharp’s hungry hole only serves to ratchet up the tension even further, and it’s almost with palpable relief that he finally surrenders his pucker to his incorrigible buddy.
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (7) 

Cue a truly terrific fuck session that sees Sharp act out his inner bitch; before nature finally gets the better of him and he squirts an almost unholy wad of spunk over his belly. That just leaves Sharp the task of providing an open mouth for Levy’s own eruption!
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (8) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (9) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (10) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (11) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (12) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (13) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (14) 
Big-Cocked-Twink-Gets-Fucked-Staxus (15) 

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Cum In A Hot Twink Hole

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Gay teen boys Matthew and Nico are so good together, their bodies perfectly complimenting each other as they make out and slowly strip. Handsome Matthew is hard and throbbing as Nico orally pleasures him, getting his dick wet for the fucking to come. more…

Easing in slowly Matthew takes control, humping in and out gently at first, but picking up the pace until Nico can’t stop his solid dick from spewing out hot juice! As Nico’s climax subsides Matthew pulls out to jerk himself to completion, decorating Nico’s freshly fucked butt with his semen and easing his sticky cock back in deep to leave some of his load behind! more…


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Helix Academy: Peer Pressure

By , January 26, 2016 7:28 pm



It’s the end of another day at Helix Academy. Tyler Hill is making his way across campus when he stops to check the time and notices someone out of the ordinary.  Alex Killborn is the perfect stranger and though his leather jacket and shaggy hair make him seem a little out of place at the prestigious prep school, his rebellious look & smoldering aesthetics are just what "peak the interest" of the clean cut, suit & tie twink. The instant attraction couldn’t be more mutual and before they knew it they were undressing each other in the confines of Tyler’s comfortable dormitory digs. Today’s lesson is in sex education and it’s hands on as these two gay teen boys (18+) learn without a doubt that opposites do attract and that sometimes it pays to talk to strangers. more…

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Sporty teen boy (18+) Elliott

By , January 22, 2016 5:47 pm

|18 U.S.C section 2257|
sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (100) 

Lovely gay teen boy (18+) Elliott from 19Nitten
sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (101) 
sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (102) 
sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (103) 
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sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (111) 
sporty-teen-boy-Elliott-19nitten (112) 

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HMBoy Duane is sure looking good

By , January 14, 2016 7:28 pm

hmboys-Duane-gayboy (100) 

Most gay teen boys who go into porn do so because they love (a) sex, and (b) money. But, once in a while, we hear some other weird explanations. Diane’s story offers one of those.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (101) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (102) 

"I began going to gay bars when I was 18", he tells us, "and, not surprisingly, as a fresh young newbie I was very popular.
"But, very soon, odd things started happening. Guys would take me home and straightaway ask me to do all kinds of kinky shit.  Real off-the-wall – and even chained-up-to-the-wall – kinda stuff.
"Everyone seemed to think I was this really hard-core sex machine, even though I’d only been hooking up with guys for a couple of weeks.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (103) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (104) 

"So I checked out a few porn sites to see if everyone got up to this kinda stuff – which is when I found him."
Duane had discovered that he’s a lookalike of one of the best known stars in our business and that lots of twinks had been mistaking him for the real thing.  Take a look at his HMBoys pics and you’ll see what we mean.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (105) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (106) 

Of course, as we said at the start, gay boys like to make cash.  So now Duane’s had a great idea to do just that.  He wants to form a sort of "tribute band" of porn star lookalikes who will put on hot steamy shows for exclusive private parties.
So if you know anyone who looks like a famous teen gay porn star – or maybe you’re a star yourself who’s in need of some cash and will happily pretend to be yourself! – let us know and we’ll pass your details in to Duane…more…
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (107) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (108) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (109) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (110) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (111) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (112) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (113) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (114) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (115) 

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Gorgeous gay boy Matthew

By , January 13, 2016 7:56 pm

Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (1) 

Matthew is one of the most gorgeous and adorable gay teen boys (18+) to arrive this year, and I think most of you will agree. The handsome and fit twink isn’t sure if he’s cut out for porn, but we know he definitely is. We find out a lot about his sexual loves and experiences, then he gets down to showing off that tight young hole and his hard teen gay cock, jerking out a juicy load of cum on himself! more…
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (2) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (3) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (4) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (5) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (6) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (7) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (8) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (9) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (10) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (11) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (12) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (13) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (14) 
Gorgeous-gay-boy-Matthew (15) 

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Older & Younger – Sex-Toy Antics

By , January 12, 2016 9:43 pm

Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (1) 

It’s always nice to get someone else to tidy up your mess, but when employing a cleaner the issue of trust is never too far away. After all, how on earth are you ever going to know what they get up to once your back is turned? Will they really be cleaning? Or will they be rifling through your belongings at the very first opportunity? It’s a problem that muscleman, Zack Hood, has to contend with big-time when he gets young Tony Conrad to do some vacuuming in his office.
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (2) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (3) 

Returning back unexpectedly, he discovers that the horny little twink has been secretly perusing his collection of sex-toys – at which point the hunk quite understandably loses his temper and promptly engages in a heated programme of retribution! The first part of which involves him thrusting his cock into the lad’s mouth! To be fair it’s a move that Conrad seems to enjoy enormously; and before you know it Hood is rigorously returning the compliment.
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (4) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (5) 

All the same, you don’t need to be a clairvoyant to realise where this scene is headed and whose arsehole is going to be seeing all the action; and indeed it’s not too long before Hood has bundled his cute fuck-buddy over a table and is energetically fingering the pup’s horny little hole. A few moments more and Conrad is being quite literally fucked like a toy – which, given the boy’s response, is something that he quietly enjoys. All of which eventually culminates in the fellow creaming himself like a geyser; before Hood signs off by shooting jizz all over Conrad’s face, which in fairness is no less than the pretty young scoundrel deserves!
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (6) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (7) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (8) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (9) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (10) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (11) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (12) 
Staxus-Older-Younger-Sex-Toy-Antics (13) 

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