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Gorgeous gay lifeguards

Gorgeous gay lifeguards

 Three gorgeous lifeguards are patrolling a beautiful California beach when they cum upon sexy surfer, Josh Brady. Brady glances coyly at the trio as he changes into his wet suit right in front of them, just before taking off into the surf.
After his two buddies head off to lunch, tan and toned Tyler finds himself left alone with beached Brady, passed out on the shore! He rushes to the surfers aid and begins mouth to mouth only to be met with beautiful Brady’s tongue! This is exactly the kind of scenario Tyler was fantasizing about when he signed up to be a lifeguard! A hot surfer who is so into him, he’d fake a wipeout just to score a kiss!
Now it’s happening, the fantasy comes to life and all Josh wants to do is fuck. As if things couldn’t get any better, pretty boy Brady has a big beast of a “surf board” and Tyler’s intends to ride every wave!
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Monster Black Cock and White Twink

Monster Black Cock and White Twink

Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (1)
We all know Ray Mannix well enough by now to appreciate that if he’s presented with a monster black cock to play with then there’s only ever going to be one outcome. Whether new boy, Tony X, realizes this fact, however, is anyone’s guess.
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (2)
Tony’s come all the way to Prague from Manchester and seems keen to show off what he regards as a special pair of pants that he’s wearing; but what he perhaps doesn’t realize at this point is that Mannix is a dab hand at getting hot beauties like him out of their underwear!
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (3)
It’s a skill that the ever horned-up twink uses to perfection here, tempting Tony from his admittedly passé attire and making an immediate move on the black fellow’s handsome ramrod inside.
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (4)
Before the Brit boy really knows what’s happening, the young twink is down on his knees and slurping the life out of his dick – a move that Tony very clearly appreciates given the fact that he makes no attempt to pull away. Indeed, he’s so enamored by Mannix’s skills – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? – that he’s soon returning the favor by rimming the Czech hoe’s arse.
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (5)
It’s exactly the kind of response that a lad who quite literally exists for cock would want; and Mannix shows no reticence in then parting his legs, and allowing his British visitor to thrust every inch of his oversized weapon into his guts.
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (6)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (7)
A move that signals the start of a terrific round of hardcore fornication, which quite literally sees Mannix stretched to breaking point; and which soon results in the lad exploding all over his own belly, before Tony christens the slut with a terrific, chin-dripping facial!
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (8)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (9)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (10)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (11)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (12)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (13)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (14)
Monster-Black-Cock-and-White-Twink (15)
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Bareback twinks

Bareback twinks

Ravenous-Raw-Twink (1)
Blond gay boy Nick is desperate for a fucking, it’s a good thing he has a lover like Blake always ready and willing to get those big dicks out for some mutual sucking and a hard and deep bareback fucking!
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (2)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (3)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (4)
Watch as the boys share their delicious smooth boners, building up to the hottest action as we see Blake sliding his solid length into that sweet ass! With hung teen gay Nick taken over the edge and made to squirt Blake finishes off splashing his own load out over the gay teen boys 18+ face and chest, with a taste to end their encounter!
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (5)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (6)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (7)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (8)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (9)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (10)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (11)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (12)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (13)
Ravenous-Raw-Twink (14)
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Gym Buddy Daydreamer

Gym Buddy Daydreamer

Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (1)
Like lots of young men, Johnathan Strake wants to keep his body in real good shape. Unfortunately, that’s a task that involves a great deal of energy and commitment – something that he seems to be lacking in the first few moments of this terrific little escapade. Truth is he’d much rather be imagining his dream date than exercising; though given that it’s the gorgeous Seb Priestley who’s the subject of his fantasies, who can really blame him?
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (2)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (3)
Indeed, any pretence of keeping fit the traditional way is promptly abandoned once the dream starts to become a reality; with the two lads enjoying an early smooch, before Priestley launches an attack on Strake’s beautiful ramrod.
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (4)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (5)
It’s a move that most certainly seems to strike a chord with both buddies – Strake lying back to enjoy every stroke of Priestley’s tongue over his shaft, before the roles are reversed. Finally, the two mates enjoy a simultaneous 69-ing session – feasting on hard cock in its prime like a couple of over-sexed whores.
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (6)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (7)
It’s enough to get most fans to the brink in itself, but matters only intensify once Strake submits to the inevitable, gets on his back and allows Priestley to fuck his tight little twink ass for all that it’s worth.
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (8)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (9)
Anyone doubting that the young bottom is enjoying this stupendous session should take note of Strake’s drooling end as his butt gets pounded; but his pleasure only intensifies as Priestley pummels him in a whole succession of positions, culminating in him spewing over his own belly in response. Leaving Priestley to blast his wad into Strake’s mouth for a gorgeously gooey conclusion!
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (10)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (11)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (12)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (13)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (14)
Gym-Buddy-Daydreamer (15)
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Gay Bike Mechanic

Gay Bike Mechanic

Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (1) 
Kellan James is a young man of many talents – one of which, it seems, is the ability to pick things up off the floor using his feet. Whether that’s the aspect of this spunktastic scene with Johnathan Strake that you’ll end up remembering is open to question, of course; but it certainly adds a certain curiosity to the first few moments here, as he carries out some maintenance to his bike ahead of the arrival of Strake, who (not surprisingly) immediately distracts the fellow with a horny smooch.
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (2) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (3) 
It’s a move that quickly has the desired effect on James, that’s for sure; as the now horned-up biker promptly switches his attention away from his cycle in favor of his pal’s thick, engorged salami, which he begins to feast upon with undisguisable relish.
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (4) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (5) 
Then again, who can blame the guy? Strake has a dick to die for, after all. Not only that, however, but the lad also possesses a handsome pair of bollocks that James is only too eager to nuzzle and worship. But there’s no denying the fact that James’s keenest attention is on his buddy’s hungry little ass-hole; and having allowed Strake a rigorous slurp on his own cock in return, the fellow is soon rimming and fingering Strake’s pucker like a being possessed.
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (6) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (7) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (8) 
Cue a fantastic arse-buggering session that sees the young lad pummelled in a series of hot positions; and culminating in some rather kinky sex play that involves James thrusting a screwdriver up the sweet boy’s hole. It all proves way too much for Strake, who is soon exploding right across his own belly; before James finishes the round by jerking out a wad into his pal’s mouth!
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (9) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (10) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (11) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (12) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (13) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (14) 
Staxus-Sportladz-Bike-Mechanic (15) 
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