Cum-Soaked Fuck-Fest

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New boys Enzo Sky (Czech shirt, German scarf) and Titus Snow (Portuguese shirt, Dutch scarf) clearly have something of a love-hate relationship – a rather bi-polar friendship that swings between lashing out at each other one moment and snogging each other the next. Still, that’s the way some bonds work; and suffice it to say that their bickering does not last long. Indeed, before you know it both these horny buddies have abandoned their quibbling – and their football! – and have settled down for some more intimate moments on the nearby sofa.
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Snow, especially, doesn’t seem able to hold back his interest for what’s inside his mate’s shorts – exposing Sky’s jockstrap and running his tongue along the handsome bulge. Nor does Sky show any reticence in pulling off his strip and allowing his pal to finally take full advantage of his thick, meaty cock. By this point, of course, any hostility between the parties has been totally abandoned; with Sky soon returning Snow’s favor with some clearly badly-needed fellatio.
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But it’s Snow who ultimately takes the initiative; fingering his mate’s raised ass and then ploughing his dick deep inside for maximum impact. What ensues is a terrific showcase of hardcore twink-on-twink action, that’s made all the fucking hotter by the fact that Snow actually wears his jocks throughout; and finally culminating in him quite literally unloading what seems to be the entire contents of his balls all over Sky’s pert little ass. That leaves Sky to rupture his sac onto Snow’s face in return, with the recipient lapping up the jizz like an errant whore!
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Can Niko Take All That Raw Cock?

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We all love seeing the action from the boys point of view, and you’re gonna love getting in on the action as Tyler and Niko film themselves and share an amazing bareback fuck! Niko struggles with sucking on those 8 inches of delicious fuck-meat, but when his ass is up for that raw length he shows that he can certainly take it deep! With his juice fucked out of him while riding that length he gets a splashing of spunk all over his freshly fucked hole – and we get a close up view of the wet and messy finish too! more…

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Nico-Michaelson -Tyler-Thayer-BareTwinks (5) 
Nico-Michaelson -Tyler-Thayer-BareTwinks (6) 
Nico-Michaelson -Tyler-Thayer-BareTwinks (7) 
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Nico-Michaelson -Tyler-Thayer-BareTwinks (9) 
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Two Romantic Twinks from Staxus

Two-Romantic-Twinks-Staxus (100) 
STAXUS favourites, Noah Matous and Joshua Levy, are having a very romantic day together in downtown Prague – eating lunch in a café, walking along the river and smooching in a doorway. So it’s little wonder that the two handsome dudes can’t wait to get back to their apartment to express their affections for each other in a much more intimate manner.
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Indeed, you only have to glance at the boners in their pants when they’re finally sat side-by-side on the sofa to realise that these two beauties are as horny as fuck and are raring for action – an ambition that both lads are soon putting into practice, as they each take it in turns to gobble on each other’s gorgeously meaty ramrods.
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Indeed, it’s difficult to appreciate which one of these uber horned-up fuckers is more desperate for cock, as they top-and-tail like a couple of cheap trollops; before Levy finally turns his attention to Matous’s arse and starts eagerly rimming the hungry little button. By this point, of course, it’s pretty obvious that Matous’s guts are soon going to be accommodating his pal’s thick, uncut shaft.
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What might come as a surprise, however, is the inventive manner with which the act of unbridled fornication takes place – a succession of imaginative positions that prove that sex between lovers doesn’t always have to be just missionary and doggy-style!
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Needless to report, it’s not long before Matous is squirting the contents of his ball-sac all over his young, toned belly; leaving Levy to conclude proceedings by unburdening onto his mate’s rump, then fingering the goo into the delicate hole!
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Alex and Carmen Ride Raw

Sweet and seductive young Carmen is quite enamored with his stiff new playdate Alex. Tall, dark & dominant, Alex is like most cocksure tops his age and lives for the looks and hungry longing. From bedroom eyes to clapping thighs, watch as he delivers the unwrapped goods to his blonde & big dicked champion stud receiver as Alex Aria & Carmen Delano bare down. more…

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