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  The boy hardly speaks a word of English (more’s the pity – we had several propositions that we’d have liked to make to him off the record!) Thankfully, however, he’d had a good look at the HMBoys website in advance of his appointment with us and so he knew precisely what he was required … Continue reading “HMBoy Cam cums”

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    DICK DORM How do you turn a straight guy into doing something gay I ask. Well, how about catch him on video jerking off in the shower, and tell him that if he does more, he could make lots of money. That is exactly what this two roommates did. At first I thought … Continue reading “Nice twink’s cock”

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Today’s sneaky jerk is with Tristan a cute guy I met at the local gas station. We were both pumping gas, and I was thinking how great it would be to pump his cock with my hands. We talked for a few minutes at the gas pumps and I offered to pay his gas bill … Continue reading “Cute boy gets a handjob and shoots a load of cum”