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Angelic Lopez Devilishly Creams His Buddy’s Arse Mid-Fuck

gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (1)
To any outside observer it seems that young priests, Angel Lopez and Johnathan Strake, are as devout as it’s possible to be – reading scripture and praying on a daily basis. Take a closer look, however, and you realize that the temptations of the flesh are all too real for these horny fellows; as Lopez’s hand wanders onto his buddy’s thigh, and the two beauties slowly abandon their worship of the divine in favor of more carnal adoration.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (2)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (3)
To some, of course, this constitutes a sacrilege of a holy estate. For the rest of us, however, there’s no denying that the sight of two cock-hungry twinks lusting after each other almost has a touch of the divine about it; not least of all when Lopez finally strips away his pants so that Strake can gobble away on the thick, meaty flesh that nestles inside.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (4)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (5)
An act that Lopez himself is only too willing and eager to replicate; before turning his eye to his buddy’s arse-hole, which he promptly rims into submission. By the time that the Spaniard is finally buried balls-deep in his Czech mate’s pucker, there’s every possibility that you’ll have completely forgotten the theological overtones of the scene. All the same, you’ll be in complete rapture at the sight of Lopez creaming Strake’s hole (somewhat prematurely!); before stiffening up again almost immediately so that Strake can ride the said pole like a whore.
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (6)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (7)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (8)
And with another round of Bible-bashing just minutes away, Lopez draws the action to a stirring close by yanking out a second (albeit smaller) load; before a final gooey smooch marks the conclusion of a truly unforgettable act of worship!
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (9)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (10)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (11)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (12)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (13)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (14)
gay-teen-boys-18-Staxus (15)

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Gang Bang with gay teens

Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (1)
Given all the heady amounts of exercise that the handsome trio of Andy Scott, Camil Chaton and Simon Caress display during the opening moments of this terrific set-piece, you’d think that their trainer, Kris Blent, would be more than satisfied. The blond-haired Dutchman is not an easy man to please, however. As he rather brutally informs them, his grandmother could run better than they do – a comment that clearly upsets a few egos in the room given the indignity with which it’s received. But it’s the remarks about their body-odor that really seems to ignite their fury; and which quickly results in the young trainees taking matters into their own hands by launching a full-on sexual assault on their boss.
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (2)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (3)
At which point, any fatigue that these hairless beauties may have been feeling is quickly forgotten; with their thick, uncut shafts quickly making an appearance, as Blent teams up with Scott, whilst Chaton and Caress slurp on cock nearby. Not that these two pairings remain independent of each other for very long, it must be said. Indeed, all four boys are soon a veritable chain of ass-rimming, dick-munching fury; before their lusts begin to take further hold of them and they take it in turns to thrust their hard, aching shafts into each other’s fuck-holes.
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (4)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (5)
Given the amount of cock on offer, of course, it’s all very understandable; with Scott and Blent arguably proving the main centerpieces of action. In the end, however, it’s Scott who wins outright as chief slut – allowing all three of his horned-up mates to spew over his face, before creaming out his own fine load!
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (6)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (7)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (8)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (9)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (10)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (11)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (12)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (13)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (14)
Gang-Bang-with-gay-teens (15)
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Horny twinks having group sex

Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (1)
If you think that this is just going to be a vanilla-style duo between Jace Reed and Alessandro Katz then think again. Director John Smith’s imagination is most definitely on overdrive, as he interlinks their poolside coupling with the horned-up escapade of fellow cock-fiends, Johny Cherry and Chad Johnstone.
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (2)
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (3)
To begin with, however, it’s Reed and Katz who take centre-stage; energetically frolicking in the water, before Reed finally makes a beeline for his buddy’s aching shaft.
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (4)
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (5)
What ensues is almost a masterclass in fellatio, slurping on Katz’s upturned rod with real gusto; before the fellow decides to turn his attention to his mate’s ass. Indeed, the two water-babes are soon fucking away like a pair of dirty-minded alley-cats – Katz taking every inch of Reed’s well-proportioned joystick on the side of the pool, then riding it cowboy-style on a lounger.
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (6)
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (7)
It’s at this point that Cherry and Johnstone are finally introduced, watching the mating session going on in the next room. That signals the start of their respective coupling – the ever-horny Johnstone eagerly going down on his buddy, before the two mates decide to head off next door to make it a foursome!
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (8)
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (9)
At which point things really start to get mixed up – Reed and Johnstone 69-ing whilst Cherry fucks Katz; then Johnstone banging Katz, who in turn is being blown by Cherry. It’s sweaty, it’s filthy – and it culminates in Katz getting a tsunami of pent-up jizz sprayed all over his cute little face!
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (10)
Little wonder the fellow can’t resist tugging out his own wad; before the quartet wash off the juice of their labors back in the pool!
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (11)
Horny-Twinks-Group-Sex-Staxus (12)
Filthy Pool-Boy Gets Fucked & Creamed By Three Horny Twinks! HD

Teen Gays (18+) porn at Staxus

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