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Cock-hungry blond from Staxus

By , July 8, 2015 10:06 pm

You only have to take one glance at this sumptuous pairing to realize that young Noah Matous wouldn’t ever stand a chance in any one-on-one contest between him and Shane Barret; although ironically it’s Matous who starts this scene as the more physical party, training away in the park whilst Barret encourages him from the sidelines.
Indeed, given their long-held reputations as horny top and power bottom respectively, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows these guys that there’s really only going to be one outcome and that Matous’s ass-hole is gonna be seeing a whole lot of action before it’s a wrap.
That, of course, could result in the scene being somewhat staid and formulaic – were it not for the fact that Matous, in particular, is the kind of fellow most of us could quite easily sit and watch all day long without any trouble at all.
Add in a dynamo like Barret to the mix, give the shaved, hairless fuckers a bottle of oil to grease up the action … and you have the makings of a bloody classic!
So sit back, unzip and savour the sight of these two hyper-horny buggers doing what comes oh so naturally to them; writhing all over each others’ bodies to start, then taking it in turns to feast on all that cock and sweet, sweet ass!
Culminating, of course, in Barret burying the hatchet right between Matous’s butt-cheeks – a move that never, ever fails to quickly get the doe-eyed twink towards a very sticky crescendo. But it’s Barret’s signing off that takes the ultimate accolade – a stupendous, multi-shot barrage of jizz that leaves his buddy’s pucker literally oozing with sperm!
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Hot amateur gay boys live sex cams

By , November 8, 2014 7:52 pm

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Czech Hunter – sex for money

By , May 2, 2013 11:35 pm

Czech_Hunter–sex_for_money (1) 
From all sports I know I like soccer most. It is one of the most straight sports. And when it comes to boys I like soccer player most. When I saw this boy in the morning I didn’t know that I again would have the honor to talk a soccer boy into my little games. He had those brown eyes and black, dark hair that always made me weak. But though he looked self-confident he was quite shy. I offered him a casting for some model-job and indeed he believed me. And he was interested a lot. It seems that I am more confidence inspiring than I thought. Well, when he finally stripped for me (and his career) I found his little secret that obviously made him so shy. But this juvenile shyness made me even more horny. more…
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These boys would rather have a raw fuck

By , April 30, 2013 8:28 pm

We’re not exactly sure how many concert pianists practice their art whilst wearing a rather revealing jockstrap, but clearly for dark-haired beauty, Xander Hollis, it’s something of a must. Perhaps the feel around his ass and cock help improve his playing, who knows?
What we can say with some level of certainty, however, is that his kinky fetish soon attracts the attention of Felix Webster, who wanders into the room with the clear intention of stopping the fellow from working the ivories so that he can work on his dick instead. An ambition that’s achieved with arguably unremarkable ease. Before you know it, Hollis is down on his knees and sucking the life out of Webster’s cock – a compliment that the gay teen boy is only too happy to return a few minutes later.
What’s blatantly obvious through all this wanton fellatio, ball-sucking and ass-rimming is that it’s only a matter of time before Webster’s ultimate ambition – of getting his fuck-buddy’s raw shaft up his ass – is achieved; so it comes as no surprise when the moment finally arrives for Hollis to start banging away at the blond lad’s ass-hole with characteristic gusto. A hot sweaty, on-the-floor fuck that culminates in both twinks enjoying the kind of sticky, no-holds-barred facials you folks adore!
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Bare Assed Cooking Lessons

By , February 26, 2013 8:52 pm

gay-teen-boys-sex (1) 
"Boys Cooking" is a new naked boy cooking series where young horny cooks can’t seem to finish cooking a meal. Once Kyler Ash’s huge cock is out Jordon Thomas gets down on his knees and offers up his mouth. Jordon pulls his green apron up and serves up his twink boner for Kyler to blow. Get a high def view from below when Jordon plunges his fat dick into Kyler’s tight hole and slams his smooth, toned body against Kyler’s ass. It’s getting smokin hot in the "Boys Cooking" kitchen. more…
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Bobby Long Welcomes Ethan Rose on Videoboys

By , September 11, 2012 12:52 am

Ethan Rose has always been able to talk the part of sex fanatic. How he’s always horny, ready to try anything, loves to get pounded hard etc, etc. But we wanted to get him out for a test drive, to see if he had the action to back up the words.

We thought of several ways to put this to the test. A gang bang perhaps? A tag team marathon to see how many big dicks he could handle in his tight little ass? Maybe a bukkake session with Ethan’s pretty face as the target
But finally we decided that the best test of Ethan’s ass for his first duo would be to put him with a horny guy. A guy who loves to pound the gay teen boys. A guy who’s hard-on just never fails. That description sounds a lot like Bobby Long.
Now as far as companionship goes, Bobby and Ethan could not be more different. These are two twinks that would probably not hang out together in a clothing mandatory environment. But Ethan’s ass and Bobby’s cock were a match made in heaven. 
From the moment they locked lips, both dicks stood bolt upright. And I can’t say for certain, but I think the minute Ethan wrapped his lips around Bobby’s throbbing cock, his ass got a wide-on.
As for the fucking, well I can’t say whether it’s to your liking but I’m very confident it was to both Ethan and Bobby’s liking. The cum says it all.
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The Glory of Luke’s Hole

By , August 8, 2012 10:02 pm

The-Glory-of-Lukes-Hole (1) 
Luke Allen’s got a fantasy he wants to fulfill and he’s gonna make it happen, even if it means taking a cock in broad daylight. Watch this blond gay teen boy suck on the thick and throbbing cock of Dorian Deschain at the house that’s got everyone talking. The crazy sexual energy energy of this zany house has everyone acting a fool. Enjoy as our cameras capture the fun! Click Here!
The-Glory-of-Lukes-Hole (2) 
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The-Glory-of-Lukes-Hole (4) 
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Three Horny Gay Teen Boys 18+

By , July 13, 2012 9:13 pm

Three Horny Gay Teen Boys 18+ 
The hunt for the briefcase continues. Jacobey London is the ‘man’ parading loot around, getting himself dick and ass from two gorgeous teen gays at once. He makes out with Derrick Porter as Jake Tyler licks his cock and sucks down his shaft. Jacobey spreads Derrrick’s legs apart and dips his face into the tight blonde’s gay teen boy hole. Jake Tyler is the first to invade Derrick’s boy cunt with his fat cock while Jacobey takes a ride on his face. Then Derrick sits his smooth hairless ass down on Jacobey’s boner for a hot ride. You’ll just have to find out for yourself which one of these gay teen boys ends up drenched in the others creamy cum. Starring: Derrick Porter, Jacoby London, Jake Tyler more…
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Three Horny Gay Teen Boys 18+ 
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Aiden Summers & Giovanni Lovell – The New Boys Are Going at it Bare!

By , May 15, 2012 7:18 pm

Aiden Summers and Giovanni Lovell are brand new to us, and still new to porn, but they prove they know how to deliver a hot scene! After wetting each other’s cocks, Aiden bends over and takes it up the ass bare from Spanish teen gay (18+) Giovanni. Once he’s fucked the cum out of Aiden, Giovanni shoots his jizz all over the other gay teen boy’s freshly fucked hole before pushing it inside. more…

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White teen gay well and truly fucked

By , May 14, 2012 8:32 pm

That teen gay (18+) bottom is SO damn pure and milky white.
love how he just spreads and flattens out for raw black dick.


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