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Edgaras – teenboy model from HMboys

HMBedgaras006 HMBedgaras015
Sometimes, just one particular picture gets to you. In my case, I just love # 183 of Edgaras’s set.
I just want to lick out that beautiful furry little asshole and bury my face in it for the next hour or two.
HMBedgaras019 HMBedgaras022
But taste (and, boy, can I taste that boy’s ass right now!) is a very personal thing and I know that others of you will love this boy’s cute young face, his smooth, hairless torso, his eager young cock, or you’ll just want to be slurping up all that delicious gooey cum that he shoots all over his belly.
HMBedgaras033 HMBedgaras037 
HMBedgaras045 HMBedgaras048 
If last week’s HMBoy, Efran, was something just a little specialised, then Edgaras has got, I’d guess, virtually universal appeal. He’s 18 years old and Polish (check out the Polish branded underwear if you don’t believe me) but he’s very eager to travel.
HMBedgaras081 HMBedgaras084
“Maybe Germany first”, he explains, “but then I’d like to see the rest of Europe.
“And maybe one day get to America…”
With everything this boy’s got going for him, it won’t be long, we’d guess, before some Yankee tourist takes a shine to him and takes him back across the Atlantic.
HMBedgaras085 HMBedgaras093
“I’ve got family in Chicago andf Milwaukee”, Edgaras tells us.
“So I can always stay with them if things don’t work out.”
But, for a boy like Edgaras and as long as there are guys like us about, we’d put money on things working out OK for him, whatever happens!



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The boy hardly speaks a word of English (more’s the pity – we had several propositions that we’d have liked to make to him off the record!) Thankfully, however, he’d had a good look at the HMBoys website in advance of his appointment with us and so he knew precisely what he was required to do for the camera. And that, coupled with the comprehensive grasp of sign language that we’ve developed over the past decade’s dedicated work on your behalf, was enough to ensure that we got some pretty good pictures of this red hot boy in action. More…
HMBcam019 HMBcam026 
HMBcam043 HMBcam047 
HMBcam061 HMBcam063 
HMBcam076 HMBcam082 
HMBcam090 HMBcam092 



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