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Both boys are stunning and both have gorgeous cocks they’re hungry to gobble on, but it’s Seth getting most of the fun in this pairing with gorgeous hung top Jason! After swapping their delicious lengths in some excellent oral (with deep throating too!) Seth gets a ball-swinging fuck all over the bed, wanks his cum out over himself as Jason slides in and out of his hole, then gets one of the biggest and messiest cum facials we’ve ever seen! That’s what we call a rewarding climax. more…
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Overtime with Kyle Ross & Sam Truitt

It’s after hours at Helix Studios. Everyone’s gone home and headquarters is dark. Everyone that is, except Kyle Ross and the new guy, Sam Truitt. Kyle has brought Sam to show off his new desk and let the tall, tattooed twink-wrecker check out a whole lot more.
The kisses were deep & passionate, but Kyle wastes little time in getting down to business. Even through Sam’s jeans, he can see & feel that the rumors he’d heard were true and can’t help but get started, even before the 9 inch heavy artillery is unleashed.
Once exposed, Kyle quickly begins feed on the massive cock cannon and service Sam sloppily, with tongue, throat, one handed, then two.
Next, Sam moves Kyle onto the desk where he folds the shaggy blonde in half and briefly returns the favor before burying his face between Kyle’s tasty cakes.
Don’t miss what happens after the tongue fucking when these two rock hard romeos give new meaning to the term "desk job".
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There’s no doubting that sexy young twink Greco is one of the greediest boys, he’s getting all the hard and raw cock he could ever want in this utterly insane group fuck with Blake, Connor, Kyler and Trey, with a feast of dick sucking getting every boner oozing tasty precum as they swap their boners to start the fun. Soon he’s taking one gorgeous boy after the other up his naked hole, sucking on the nearest dick to his lips while the other boys jerk and gobble on each other. Riding, being spit roasted, laying back to take it deep… Greco loves it all! He’s not the only one though, soon inked boy Blake is offering his sweet ass to Kyler too, laying back on the couch in this sea of hot young flesh as every cock in the room throbs with the need to cum!
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Doctor Nick & boys

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There’s no questioning Nick Vargas’s commitment as a doctor – at least if the opening few minutes of this terrific scene is anything to go by. Indeed, this is a fellow who will quite literally go the extra mile for his patients, as his encounters with (first) Jacob Waterhouse and Jeffrey Lloyd amply demonstrate.
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Clearly not the kind of medic to flippantly dismiss their ailments, he’s more than willing to use every tool at his disposal to find out what’s wrong with them – even to the point of offering them his cock to suck in a bid to ease a sore-throat, or dipping his dick up their ass to help out with constipation.
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But it’s when these two horny young patients arrive at his surgery together that things sure as fuck heat up between these three fellows; and within seconds the thick, meaty, uncut cocks in their pants are coming out to play!
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What ensues is a truly fabulous threesome that we just know any STAXUS fan is going to quite simply love; with each dick taking it in turns to serve as the focal point of the action.
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Ultimately, however, it’s Lloyd who takes centre-stage; beginning with an imaginative set-piece where Vargas and Waterhouse are either side of him, sucking each of his balls, before the doctor finally ploughs his joystick deep into the lad’s ass. It’s a move that clearly excites the young bottom enormously.
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So much so, in fact, that having taken a brief respite whilst Vargas fucks Waterhouse instead, Lloyd gets his ass plugged so that his buddies can cream his gaping hole. Allowing him to jerk out his own pent-up load of boy-juice to call this would-be classic to a halt!
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Cum-Soaked Fuck-Fest

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New boys Enzo Sky (Czech shirt, German scarf) and Titus Snow (Portuguese shirt, Dutch scarf) clearly have something of a love-hate relationship – a rather bi-polar friendship that swings between lashing out at each other one moment and snogging each other the next. Still, that’s the way some bonds work; and suffice it to say that their bickering does not last long. Indeed, before you know it both these horny buddies have abandoned their quibbling – and their football! – and have settled down for some more intimate moments on the nearby sofa.
Cum-Soaked-Fuck-Fest-Staxus (2) 
Cum-Soaked-Fuck-Fest-Staxus (3) 
Cum-Soaked-Fuck-Fest-Staxus (4) 
Snow, especially, doesn’t seem able to hold back his interest for what’s inside his mate’s shorts – exposing Sky’s jockstrap and running his tongue along the handsome bulge. Nor does Sky show any reticence in pulling off his strip and allowing his pal to finally take full advantage of his thick, meaty cock. By this point, of course, any hostility between the parties has been totally abandoned; with Sky soon returning Snow’s favor with some clearly badly-needed fellatio.
Cum-Soaked-Fuck-Fest-Staxus (5) 
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But it’s Snow who ultimately takes the initiative; fingering his mate’s raised ass and then ploughing his dick deep inside for maximum impact. What ensues is a terrific showcase of hardcore twink-on-twink action, that’s made all the fucking hotter by the fact that Snow actually wears his jocks throughout; and finally culminating in him quite literally unloading what seems to be the entire contents of his balls all over Sky’s pert little ass. That leaves Sky to rupture his sac onto Snow’s face in return, with the recipient lapping up the jizz like an errant whore!
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