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Day: July 25, 2012

Travis Cooper and Mikey–Straight Rent Boys

Travis Cooper and Mikey–Straight Rent Boys

19 year old Travis barely starts to tug himself through the tighty whities he is wearing before I ask if I can bring in another model to work with him, "because you’re going to need to know how to be around gay guys;" apparently Travis has not had any experience with guys, gay or otherwise. As Mikey comes in, I assure Travis of Mikey’s "small penis;" and I tell Travis that Mikey has been here a long time and is used to, "helping me turn guys." The look on Travis’ face at this point, is, as Eddie jokes, "priceless." As you recall, I did tell Travis that,"Mikey is small;" okay, a large lie, but when Mikey gets naked, Travis takes one look and says "this is a small penis?" but manages to touch it, suck it, and even jack it off; I think we have another porn star for Straight Rent Boys. Both work together, stroking one another side by side, they are getting closer; their bodies flush red. Mikey is the first to shoot, as Travis brings him to a full climax and watches streaming white jizz shoot on Mikey’s chest. I then ask if Travis can, "stroke one out?" You’ll have to watch the video for this one! Download the Full Video at StraightRentBoys
Guys self pics

Guys self pics

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Dorm Boy Secrets

dormboysecrets dormboysecrets2
hey never thought these secrets would be exposed for the world to see! You can see all of the leaked and hacked pics & videos inside… Here’s just a small preview of some of them!

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