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Raw Reunion

Raw Reunion

Caleb Gray just got back into town when Dustin Cook happens by, it seems these two have quite the history by the magical make out moment that happens right there on the street. You can tell Dustin has be anxiously awaiting Caleb’s arrival by the sweet way he holds his face as they kiss back at his place. The sweetness stays but takes a back seat when Gray goes down on Dustin’s dick and the raunchy rumpus begins! He pushes Caleb’s cock sucker down deeper, getting his boy to the balls before he returns the favor on his knees. Caleb takes a page out of Cook’s cock sucking book and pushes the pretty faced phallus sucker’s face down deep till he’s gagging on his fully engorged groin.
Dustin works the boy’s balls with his tongue too then turns that lusty licking attention to Gray’s gorgeous ass. He grips the boy’s meaty cheeks, spreads them wide and dines like a king on the kid’s cock hungry hole. Caleb tells his ass eater he wants a good fucking and Cook pounces up in milliseconds to slam his raw rod into that smooth butt. Caleb arches his ass like an animal in heat as Dustin destroys his prey. Cook has worked himself into a frenzy and falls exhausted onto the bed.
Caleb only allows him a moment of rest before blasting the smooth boy’s booty with his big, bareback battering ram. He fucks Dustin’s dick ditch mercilessly. Cook gets to enjoy every inch as slam master Gray brings his big rig all the way out then blasts it back balls deep! Surprisingly, this relaxes Dustin into a state of pure big dicked bliss. Caleb keeps on cockin’ till his balls are full up and he can no longer contain their delicious contents. He pulls his pleasure giver out and fires what seems to be weeks worth of cum from his huge hose! The super sized load hits Cook’s ass, balls and taint with splash after splash of pure white spunk! Gray slides his cock back up the cum slicked hole and the beautiful boys embrace.

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Joy Ride

Joy Ride

It has to be every bottom’s fantasy to go on a date with big dicked Blake Mitchell! On this sunny San Diego day, pretty boy Noah White gets the honor and we get to tag along as the boys take a joy ride. Blake puts his arm around the twink and pulls him close as he plants a perfect kiss on his date. A wild wrestling match turns into a make out session which leads to some sizzling sex! It’s the end of the day and naturally Noah is hungry for Blake’s huge hog. Watching pretty boy deep throat all that dong is incredible, he eats every inch. Ever the gentleman, Mitchell mouths White’s wang before moving onto his hot hole.
He easily tosses his boys legs over his head and tosses salad like a mad man as Noah reaches down to tug his top’s titanic cock. The boys have been waiting for this all day, when Blake finally gets inside Noah lets out a sigh of relief, throws his head back and accepts all amazing inches deep within. Mitchell masterfully works up some speed to a fever pitch, then he switches it up and takes it long and slow.
The boy knows how to work an ass. Noah gets on all fours and Mitchell mounts him like a lion. We see both boy’s beautiful butts in our face and Noah handles himself. With White’s face buried in the bed, we hear his muffled screams begging for more fuck. The kids almost ready to cum so Blake slows it down for a minute to make the nasty magic last long. Lucky US! The two kiss and Noah climbs on top; we get a good view of Blake’s big boner sliding in and out as White whacks his own.
There’s definitely boyfriend chemistry here as the boys move through several positions, making out like high school sweet hearts along the way. After a full day date the boys have been saving up their seed and when the flood gates finally open it’s a crescendo of cum! Noah’s cock gets even harder as he cums; spurts of spunk rocket out of his dick and wet the sheets below. Blake pulls out and blasts all over his boyfriend’s balls and thighs which are still open in ecstasy! This is definitely a date where we did NOT mind being the third wheel!
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Good Gay Boy

Good Gay Boy

Good-Gay-Boy (1) 
Devilishly delicious Joey Mills has the guise of an angelic cherub and good boy Christian Bay simply can’t resist. Big handed Bay starts laying hands on the kid’s smooth torso as every piece of him pulses with anticipation. Eventually he gives into his carnal urges and blesses Christian with his big dick, communion style.
Good-Gay-Boy (2) 
Good-Gay-Boy (3) 
That’s all this beautiful Christian needs to unleash his dark side and he’s soon face first in Joey’s big smooth, juicy trunk. Wrapped in the heat of carnal desire, Christian plunges his gigantic staff into the teenage tempter RAW! Mounting the kid like a lion, Bay puts a punishing on Joey’s ass with power and dedication. Writhing in ecstasy, Joey takes his punishment with pleasure and is rewarded with Christian’s seed in a heavenly cream pie kiss goodbye. Bless you child. more…
Good-Gay-Boy (4) 
Good-Gay-Boy (5) 
Good-Gay-Boy (6) 
Good-Gay-Boy (7) 
Good-Gay-Boy (8) 
Good-Gay-Boy (9) 
Good-Gay-Boy (10) 
Good-Gay-Boy (11) 
Good-Gay-Boy (12) 
Good-Gay-Boy (13) 
Good-Gay-Boy (14) 
Good-Gay-Boy (15) 
Good-Gay-Boy (16) 
Good-Gay-Boy (17) 
Good-Gay-Boy (18) 
Good-Gay-Boy (19) 
Good-Gay-Boy (20) 
Good-Gay-Boy (21) 
Good-Gay-Boy (22) 
Good-Gay-Boy (24) 
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Cocky boys in action

Cocky boys in action

Blake Mitchell starts chatting with us about his first time when cutie Casey Tanner interrupts reminding him how hot he looked in a swimsuit for our series “Lifeguards!” Magically the gay teen boys are transported to the beach! That’s when blonde Adonis Max Carter jumps into the picture and transports the guys in suits to “Helix Academy!” Seeing each other in their school boy uniforms excites the trio so much they need to get to a bed room and rip those clothes OFF!
Amped up with anticipation the threesome go IN, and go in HARD! These are 3 of our hottest, tightest big dicked boys and the suck fest that ensues is worthy of several wanks! The gay twinks cant keep their hands off each other. Like a well oiled tag team machine, the guys take turns devoting their full attention to their buddies big boners. After wetting his appetite for ass, Mr. Mitchell shows the boys why he’s one of our most sought after tops. Young care free and condom free, Blake bangs the 2 teen gays in every way imaginable. No threesome would be complete without a train and Max Carter makes magic as the middle man. Climaxing in a trio tidal wave of cream pie perfection, this threesome proves three is ALWAYS a charm.
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Teen gays Mateo and Nicolas

Teen gays Mateo and Nicolas

HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (1)
Most HM Boys choose to work for us solo.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve never interacted naked with another guy before.  Sometimes they’ve already got a boyfriend and he doesn’t want to see them getting hot’n’bothered with anyone else.  And sometimes they’re just shy.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (2)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (3)
But even when we do get to schedule a duo for a slot in our studio, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. After all, with two boys there’s twice the chance that something can go wrong.  And, gay boys being gay boys, there’s also the possibility that, after signing up to do their stuff for us, they fall out with each other and aren’t boyfriends any more by the time we’re ready to point our cameras at them.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (4)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (5)
So we’re delighted that, this week, nothing at all went wrong with the arrangements and, as a result, we’re able to show you our latest hot couple Mateo and Nicolas.  As soon as they started kissing in just the first few frames, we knew that we were on to a winner with these sexy teen gays.  And they certainly didn’t let us – or you – down.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (6)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (7)
Kissing, sucking, fucking… Mateo and Nicolas weren’t fazed one bit by the cameras and were more than happy to show us just what they get up to at home.  And, now that we’ve seen and heard them going at it like a pair of over-enthusiastic dogs in heat, we only hope that there’s some good soundproofing in their apartment – because otherwise, just like the gay teen boys (18+) themselves, their neighbors certainly won’t be getting a peaceful night’s sleep.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (8)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (9)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (10)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (11)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (12)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (13)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (14)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (15)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (16)
Home Made Boys

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Twink’s Flip Fuck

Twink’s Flip Fuck

Twinks-Flip-Fuck (1)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (2)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (3)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (4)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (5)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (6)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (7)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (8)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (9)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (10)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (11)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (12)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (13)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (14)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (15)
Each morning, in towns & villages all across America , people wake up in the morning to the familiar sound of a rooster crowing. For Max Carter & Justin Owen, the beast that stirs in the early waking hours is an entirely different kind of cock and is often greeted with a far, if not entirely different reaction. Watch as these two young & chiseled early birds get up & at each other and give new meaning to the term “crack of dawn”. more…
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (16)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (17)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (18)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (19)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (20)
Twinks-Flip-Fuck (21)
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Teen boy Academy: Peer Pressure

Teen boy Academy: Peer Pressure



It’s the end of another day at Helix Academy. Tyler Hill is making his way across campus when he stops to check the time and notices someone out of the ordinary.  Alex Killborn is the perfect stranger and though his leather jacket and shaggy hair make him seem a little out of place at the prestigious prep school, his rebellious look & smoldering aesthetics are just what "peak the interest" of the clean cut, suit & tie twink. The instant attraction couldn’t be more mutual and before they knew it they were undressing each other in the confines of Tyler’s comfortable dormitory digs. Today’s lesson is in sex education and it’s hands on as these two gay teen boys (18+) learn without a doubt that opposites do attract and that sometimes it pays to talk to strangers. more…

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