Enigmatic boy Deniss

  Just have a look how beautiful is this gay teen boy, what a sexy body and attractive face he has! The gay teen boy looks simply amazing.   He keeps his nice face and body in good condition, and when he gets nude, you can also see that he takes good care of his … Continue reading “Enigmatic boy Deniss”

Travis Cooper and Mikey–Straight Rent Boys

19 year old Travis barely starts to tug himself through the tighty whities he is wearing before I ask if I can bring in another model to work with him, "because you’re going to need to know how to be around gay guys;" apparently Travis has not had any experience with guys, gay or otherwise. … Continue reading “Travis Cooper and Mikey–Straight Rent Boys”

The Pink Prize: Shaving Shou Sakurai

Tsuyoshi is back, his new pal. Shou Sakurai, 22, is new to porn, but thinks,"it looks like fun." Not surprising, Shou is a bottom; strange how Tsuyoshi only brings bottoms for us to watch on Japanboyz, must be a gift that he has. Apparently, Tsuyoshi has barber skills as well because when he sees Shou’s … Continue reading “The Pink Prize: Shaving Shou Sakurai”

Big Cock Asian TeenBoy ‘Seiya’ in ‘Sugoi Boy’

Seiya is a tall, tanned, well hung Japanese boy with a swimmer’s physique. In an exclusive interview from Japanboyz, we find out this 18 year old gay Asian stud hails from the sunny beaches of Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan. In this video he had a mission: to see how hard and long he … Continue reading “Big Cock Asian TeenBoy ‘Seiya’ in ‘Sugoi Boy’”

Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib

I invited Rabid to come back to us after a couple of weeks off to see if this was something that he could do or not, because the last time he was here he had some trouble performing. Since the last time he was here, he landed a girlfriend, and is still very much broke. … Continue reading “Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib”

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