Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib

Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib

I invited Rabid to come back to us after a couple of weeks off to see if this was something that he could do or not, because the last time he was here he had some trouble performing. Since the last time he was here, he landed a girlfriend, and is still very much broke. Now, Daxter is back again for another shoot as well to be in with Rabid. Now, this was a complete surprise to both of them, and I wanted to see the reaction I was going to get out of both. Rabid wasn’t very excited about $1500 for sucking and getting fucked for that amount. To see how smart they were I offered them $3000 to split between the both of them, but then they realized that it was still the same amount. More…

Agreeing to start the scene out slow, Rabid said that he would see how far he was willing to go. Daxter too had never done anything with a guy before, so he was just as nervous. Standing up both guys got undressed and as soon as Daxter turned to the camera I could see that he already had a boner going on. Taking a seat on the couch, the two of them were nervous in getting started, so I just instructed Rabid to start giving head. He leaned over and placed the erect, curved penis in his mouth and started sucking. He started with a bang, and Daxter placed his head on the back of Rabid’s head to make him go further down. Moving to the floor, Rabid got into more of a comfortable position. As he went down on the dick, he was able to get most of it in his mouth. Deep-throating was something that Rabid was proving to be good at. More…

Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys - Every Straight guy has his price

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4 thoughts on “Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib

  1. I just love this clip. The kid is having his first time with a gentle big guy who has a monster cock/ It is gr8 to see how this kid slowly learns to love being fucked… like I was first time when I was 15 years old.

  2. This video really turned me on. The kid just seems to swoon when the fucking gets going and it starts to feel so good to him. Would really like to spend a night with him and do some serious fucking. He could surely keep my motor running all night

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