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Taking time out to get away from the demands of the world is a much-used tool of spirituality, so it’s no surprise that young priest, Brad Fitt, and his monkish buddy, Darryl Declan, take the opportunity to find a quiet spot to muse on life, the universe and everything. Except, as soon becomes apparent, it’s matters of quiet conspiracy (not to mention carnality!) that quickly consume this horny pairing. more…
As such it’s not so much the quest for enlightenment that bothers either of these dirty-minded scamps as how soon they can start pleasuring each other – a task that Fitt, in particular, is all too keen to engage in. Still, given the size and quality of tackle that the fellow knows is tucked away in Declan’s robes, is it really any wonder that the lad is as enthusiastic as he is? Few would turn down the opportunity to worship on that monstrous weapon, that’s for sure; and it’s clear from the start that Fitt – all neatly trimmed for the occasion – won’t be satisfied until he’s got every inch of his red-headed mate’s dick firmly embedded in his rear. more…
An objective that he achieves with remarkable ease, it must be said. Not that Declan’s adverse to giving his pal’s hungry ass-hole a preliminary rimming prior to stretching it with his meaty, uncut pecker; but it’s only when Fitt’s firmly skewered on that purple-headed monster that either fellow looks even remotely content. What follows is a first-class set-piece that leaves both boys gasping for air, culminating in two of the finest cum-shots ever seen outside the Vatican! All in all, a superb, jizz-drenched fuck of the highest order! more …
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Hot flip-flop fuck in the open

Hot-flip-flop-fuck-in-the-open-staxus (1) 

As pretty much everyone knows, regular exercise can help reduce stress and increase life-expectancy, so it’s arguably in their own self-interest that Blake Hanson and Lewis Taylor take the time to enjoy a run together in the local woods. Of course, even the briefest of glances at this pair of handsome dudes should be enough to suggest that they probably get more than enough aerobic activity when they’re alone together in the bedroom, but when you’re this young and this horny the urge for sex can take you whenever and wherever and you simply have to go with the flow.
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That’s certainly the attitude that these two beauties adopt as they quickly disembark from their clothes in broad daylight and begin to feast on each other’s dicks. It’s almost as if they don’t care who might stumble upon them so long as they get their share of raw sex; and before you know it Taylor is being taken from behind courtesy of Blake’s meaty, uncut love-rod. Unwilling to miss out, Blake is soon on the receiving end of an equally demonstrative fucking, riding his mate’s knob with unquestionable gusto and totally without shame.
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No doubt about it, these are two of the most brazen cock-fiends you’re ever likely to see; and by the time they’re both taking turns to unload generous wads of jizz over each other there’s every good chance that you’ll have ruptured an equally fine squirt of ball-batter in appreciation. Sex in the open has rarely looked so totally uninhibited as between these raw fuckers!
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Coming Home from HelixStudios

Coming Home from HelixStudios 

Jessie Montgomery is homeward bound after being kicked out of his Aunt’s house. Childhood friend Jacob Dixon meets his blond buddy at the train station for an emotional reunion but when Jessie starts brooding at dinner Jacob tries to find out what’s wrong. Jessie is harboring a secret that he fears will make his best friend reject him but little does he know, Jacob has a few secrets of his own…
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Coming Home from HelixStudios 020 
Coming Home from HelixStudios 021 
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Taking a Gay Teen Boy Break

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Tan twink Roman Daniels is home surfing the Internet when blond hottie Scotty Clarke gets lonely and wanders into Roman’s room. One thing leads to another and the two gay teen boys quickly begin making out. Soon Scotty is taking off Roman’s pants and wrapping his tender lips around his giant cock. After getting Roman nice and hard Scotty is all too eager to sit on top of his big dick and let it split his tight little hole wide open. As Roman repeatedly drives his cock into Scotty, all he can do is cry out with joy. Starring: Roman Daniels, Scotty Clarke More…
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