Ashton and Rex – Broke Straight Boys

Ashton and Rex – Broke Straight Boys

Rex and Ashton are back in the studio today to do their anal scene. Like always, Ashton is his usual crazy self while Rex is more reserved, however, the boys are getting along well which bodes well for a great shoot. During our pre-fuck chat, Ashton talked about a hemaphrodite he had been communicating with and how he was supposed to go up and see her but hadn’t yet bought the ticket while Rex said although his girlfriend wasn’t happy with him shooting gay porn, she didn’t have an issue when it comes to spending the money he earned with doing it. Somehow, the conversation meandered onto how the police got tough on Ashton, hence, him being so tired today. Eventually, the boys agreed on $1200 for Ashton to bottom and $1000 for Rex to top.  More…

Broke Straight Boys

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