Boy Gusher – Nathan

Boy Gusher – Nathan


Nathan is a horny gay teen boy who loves to jerk off. He also has an exhibitionist streak in him and loves to be watched so as the camera came on he started rubbing his cock through his underwear. As his dick started getting harder and harder he stroked faster and faster the guy operating the camera could no longer just sit back and watch, he had to get involved.

Nathan let the guy reach in and grip his dick. This camera guy loves cock so he gently stroked it and worked his hands up and down Nathan’s shaft. His entire body was shaking with pleasure as he got his cock stroked by another guy. The cameraman told him that he had something Nathan had to try. Nathan was up for it and and willing to try just about anything.


The guy grabbed a cock sheath and slide it down on Nathan’s shaft. His cock fit perfectly into the toy. It fit snug, gripping Nathan’s cock and felt amazing. It was like sheathing his dick in velvet. The camera guy started moving the sheath up and down, stroking Nathan’s cock with it. Nathan was rock hard, moaning and thrusting his hips into the air.

As he got closer to cumming the camera guy reached down and started massaging Nathan’s balls. That was all it took. Nathan hit the wall and exploded, cumming hard and jizzing all over himself. He moaned loud, pulled the sheath off and yanked on his cock to milk himself dry. Nathan had a blast and already couldn’t wait to come back to Boy Gusher and jerk off again.

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