Boy next door Chase

Boy next door Chase

If you like the clean-cut, boy next door look, then you’ll love Chase.
And the weird thing is that blue-eyed Chase really and quite literally is our photographer’s "boy next door".
Chase and his mom moved in, so we’re told, just over a year ago and, in no time at all, it was news all around the neighbourhood that young Chase was just a little bit different.
Because no matter how often – or how much – the local girls put out for him, he made it clear to them that he just wasn’t interested at all. more…
Boy next door Chase 
Instead, it soon became obvious that he was interested instead in the cute boys in his class at school – and our photographer, conveniently perched at his front window, would often see them coming to and going from Chase’s house next door.
All the same, it came as something of a surprise when, opening up his in-box to look through the latest applicants for gay modelling work, our guy found an e-mail from his young next door neighbour asking for all the details of how to get naked on the net.
And Chase, it turns out, is a real natural in front of the camera. more…
Boy next door Chase 2 
Just look at the confident way he looks straight out at us, regardless of the fact that he’s not got a stitch of clothing and he’s boasting a sizeable schlong that’s clearly very eager for action.  There’s a boy who just knows he’s good to look at!
In fact, getting to know Chase has been something of a godsend to our guy.
He’s already got to know quite of few of Chase’s regular young visitors and has persuaded some of the really cute ones to pose for his camera as well.
And, with Chase promising to drop by for the sessions, who knows the hot action we might end up with here on the site yet! more…
Boy next door Chase 3 



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