Broke Straight Boys – Tyler And Jake

Broke Straight Boys – Tyler And Jake

While Jake was still in town I wanted to see if I could get him to come back into the studio for another shoot. I was actually able to get him to come in that afternoon to do a shoot, the only issue I had to tackle next was who to pair him up with. When I put the phone down, there was a knock on my office door and it was Tyler. He has been working at the studio now, and he was going to be the solution to the problem. I told Tyler that I needed him to be in a scene that afternoon and he didn’t have a problem with it, because he would make some extra money for doing it. Later on that afternoon when both guys were at the studio and ready to begin filming, I had them take a seat on the couch. I started by telling Tyler that Jake was 18 years old, from California, and he just happens to be bi-sexual too. The only thing is that he has very limited experience. In a matter of fact it is limited to just one time when he started college, he talked about this in his solo shoot. Now that Jake had his solo out of the way, the two of them were going to do an oral scene, and hopefully we could squeeze in an anal scene before he leaves. I had Jake stand first and take off his shirt, and he revealed a very tan, lean, toned chest. Tyler stood up next to take off his shirt and his skin was back to being pale white. The guys removed their pants and as they stood in their underwear, right away anyone would notice that they both had on boxer briefs just different colors. To top it off Jake had white underwear with black socks… More…

Broke Straight Boys
Every Straight guy has his price

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