Perfect Cum Shot

Perfect Cum Shot

I just love to see powerful cum spurts like that! Great stuff. Got me hard and wanking along with him. Nice to hear him breathing heavily as he nears to cumming and then see his cock twitch afterwards as his climax subsides.

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5 thoughts on “Perfect Cum Shot

  1. Great cock with a huge nob end. Was great to see his belly move and heave as he got near to shooting a BIG load. Obviously a very very horny lad!

  2. I agree – what a fantastic cock! And they way he squirts such a big load over that gorgeous body. Outstanding – he makes me so hard!

  3. I am so hard and wet right now! What an amazing erection and luscious young body. The way he expertly works his shaft is mesmerizing. The amount of juice he shoots is impressive. YUM! YUM!

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