Skyler Dallon: Up Close on Videoboys

Skyler Dallon: Up Close on Videoboys

A lot of people have written to us wanting to know more about little Skyler Dallon. We can all see that he’s young looking, cute and that he really loves his sex but it’s about time we take a more in-depth look at what Skyer is all about.
Despite living in a small town, Skyler leads a very liberated sex life. He came out of the closet at an early age and wasted no time getting into dating boys. But after trying monogamy for a few years, Skyler found that playing the field was much more his style and satisfied his appetites more easily.
He’s set his weekly minimum to 3 sexual encounters and he makes every effort to meet and exceed that minimum. Usually he succeeds but on the rare occasions that he doesn’t, he grudgingly turns to jerking off to get through the lonely nights. For Skyler, jerking off means watching porn, twink porn in particular. And occasionally he’ll spice things up by fingering himself.
But Skyler has never before used any toys when jerking off. Not because he didn’t like the idea but because he didn’t have any dildos and there weren’t any places in his small town that sold them.
For this scene we offered Skyler a special dildo and he was more than eager to give it a ride. But only on one condition: After pleasuring himself with that big plastic cock, Skyler really wanted to finish it off by cumming in his own face. Such a little show off.
Skyler Dallon: Up Close hot video:

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