Home made boys: Adrian & Julian

We hardly feel the need to write this introduction to Adrian’s and Julian’s pictures. After all, don’t their faces – not to mention all their other bodily parts – communicate just about everything we need to know? Maybe you recall the first time you fell in love?  If you do, you’ll certainly recognize these two hot boys’ facial expressions.

Now, maybe the more cynical among you are saying at this point: “OK, I hear what you say, but I can darn well tell you that when I first fell in love, the last thing I would have wanted to do was to share my boyfriend’s pictures with thousands of other guys!”
Well, we respond, that may be true, but you’ve got to remember that things are very different these days. School costs more, jobs are harder to get, it’s more difficult to find – and afford – a place to live and even putting food on the table can be tough.  So we say hats off to Adrian and Julian for thinking out of the box when it comes to raising the money they need to live.
In any case, times have also changed in lots of ways for the better too, and these days boys just aren’t as embarrassed about showing themselves off naked as they might have been a generation or two ago. For which we say, on both our behalf and yours: ain’t progress a wonderful thing!


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Teen gays Mateo and Nicolas

HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (1)
Most HM Boys choose to work for us solo.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve never interacted naked with another guy before.  Sometimes they’ve already got a boyfriend and he doesn’t want to see them getting hot’n’bothered with anyone else.  And sometimes they’re just shy.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (2)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (3)
But even when we do get to schedule a duo for a slot in our studio, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. After all, with two boys there’s twice the chance that something can go wrong.  And, gay boys being gay boys, there’s also the possibility that, after signing up to do their stuff for us, they fall out with each other and aren’t boyfriends any more by the time we’re ready to point our cameras at them.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (4)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (5)
So we’re delighted that, this week, nothing at all went wrong with the arrangements and, as a result, we’re able to show you our latest hot couple Mateo and Nicolas.  As soon as they started kissing in just the first few frames, we knew that we were on to a winner with these sexy teen gays.  And they certainly didn’t let us – or you – down.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (6)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (7)
Kissing, sucking, fucking… Mateo and Nicolas weren’t fazed one bit by the cameras and were more than happy to show us just what they get up to at home.  And, now that we’ve seen and heard them going at it like a pair of over-enthusiastic dogs in heat, we only hope that there’s some good soundproofing in their apartment – because otherwise, just like the gay teen boys (18+) themselves, their neighbors certainly won’t be getting a peaceful night’s sleep.
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (8)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (9)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (10)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (11)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (12)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (13)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (14)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (15)
HMBoys-Mateo-Nicolas (16)
Home Made Boys

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HMBoy Duane is sure looking good

hmboys-Duane-gayboy (100) 

Most gay teen boys who go into porn do so because they love (a) sex, and (b) money. But, once in a while, we hear some other weird explanations. Diane’s story offers one of those.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (101) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (102) 

"I began going to gay bars when I was 18", he tells us, "and, not surprisingly, as a fresh young newbie I was very popular.
"But, very soon, odd things started happening. Guys would take me home and straightaway ask me to do all kinds of kinky shit.  Real off-the-wall – and even chained-up-to-the-wall – kinda stuff.
"Everyone seemed to think I was this really hard-core sex machine, even though I’d only been hooking up with guys for a couple of weeks.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (103) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (104) 

"So I checked out a few porn sites to see if everyone got up to this kinda stuff – which is when I found him."
Duane had discovered that he’s a lookalike of one of the best known stars in our business and that lots of twinks had been mistaking him for the real thing.  Take a look at his HMBoys pics and you’ll see what we mean.
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (105) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (106) 

Of course, as we said at the start, gay boys like to make cash.  So now Duane’s had a great idea to do just that.  He wants to form a sort of "tribute band" of porn star lookalikes who will put on hot steamy shows for exclusive private parties.
So if you know anyone who looks like a famous teen gay porn star – or maybe you’re a star yourself who’s in need of some cash and will happily pretend to be yourself! – let us know and we’ll pass your details in to Duane…more…
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (107) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (108) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (109) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (110) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (111) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (112) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (113) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (114) 
hmboys-Duane-gayboy (115) 

Home Made Boys


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Teen gay Byron from HmBoys

Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (1) 

Our newest gay teen boy (18+) model has been celebrating this week.  It’s not that we’ve ever seen him in an especially miserable mood – but for the past few days young Byron’s had a particular reason to be happy.
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (2) 
He is Canadian, you see, coming from the south of the country, with a home town very close to the US border.  And that explains why it is that Byron has an American boyfriend. But until now there’s been a problem.
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (3) 
"Even though we’re only a few miles apart, it’s sometimes seemed like we live in two different worlds", he tells us.  "We’d already decided that, after college, he’d be moving to Canada because we’d like to get married.  And though that’s been legal here for nearly 10 years, the US state that he comes from had banned it."
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (4) 
So it is that, since last week’s US Supreme Court verdict, love-struck Byron’s had a particularly wide grin in his face.
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (5) 
"We’ve decided to have two separate marriage ceremonies – one on each side of the border.  So now we’re doing everything that we can to raise the money to pay for them.  Luckily, my boyfriend’s got a good camera…"
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (6) 
And that’s an HMBoys first…  Our models usually need cash for their rent, their college tuition, a new car – or sometimes even for a girlfriend with a baby in the way.  But cash for a gay wedding is certainly a new one on us! more…
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (7) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (8) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (9) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (10) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (11) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (12) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (13) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (14) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (15) 
Teen-gay-Byron-from-HmBoys (16) 

More sexy twinks at HmBoys


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Milan from Home Made Boys

home-made-boy-Milan (1) 
Milan is a professional stripper and, even though he braggs that he makes an astronomical amount of cash from touring a circuit of clubs and bars all week, the speed with which he grabbed our more modest handful of dollars makes us think that maybe he’s exaggerating just a bit…
Personally, though, we think he’s worth every dollar that we paid him for this private HMBoys show – and we’re sure that you’ll agree with us on that one too! More…
home-made-boy-Milan (2) 
home-made-boy-Milan (3) 
home-made-boy-Milan (4) 
home-made-boy-Milan (5) 
home-made-boy-Milan (6) 
home-made-boy-Milan (7) 
home-made-boy-Milan (8) 
home-made-boy-Milan (9) 
home-made-boy-Milan (10) 

Home Made Boys

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Boy next door Chase

If you like the clean-cut, boy next door look, then you’ll love Chase.
And the weird thing is that blue-eyed Chase really and quite literally is our photographer’s "boy next door".
Chase and his mom moved in, so we’re told, just over a year ago and, in no time at all, it was news all around the neighbourhood that young Chase was just a little bit different.
Because no matter how often – or how much – the local girls put out for him, he made it clear to them that he just wasn’t interested at all. more…
Boy next door Chase 
Instead, it soon became obvious that he was interested instead in the cute boys in his class at school – and our photographer, conveniently perched at his front window, would often see them coming to and going from Chase’s house next door.
All the same, it came as something of a surprise when, opening up his in-box to look through the latest applicants for gay modelling work, our guy found an e-mail from his young next door neighbour asking for all the details of how to get naked on the net.
And Chase, it turns out, is a real natural in front of the camera. more…
Boy next door Chase 2 
Just look at the confident way he looks straight out at us, regardless of the fact that he’s not got a stitch of clothing and he’s boasting a sizeable schlong that’s clearly very eager for action.  There’s a boy who just knows he’s good to look at!
In fact, getting to know Chase has been something of a godsend to our guy.
He’s already got to know quite of few of Chase’s regular young visitors and has persuaded some of the really cute ones to pose for his camera as well.
And, with Chase promising to drop by for the sessions, who knows the hot action we might end up with here on the site yet! more…
Boy next door Chase 3 



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